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Protecting Yourself is Now Even Easier

You can keep your confidence and independence by guarding yourself from phone scams and fraud with Phonely.

Why Phonely?

Telephone fraud is on the rise & risking the health of those most vulnerable. Now with VoIP technology, it's time to take action!

The fraud and health stats are worrying.

Year ending March 2022...

saw a 25% uplift in telephone crime taking the figure of fraud offences to 4.5 million.

77% of people...

lost up to £250 to scams in 2022, & losing just £100 can leave ¼ of people in a financial crisis.

The loss of confidence...

& independence in fraud victims makes them 2.5 times more likely to enter care or pass away within the same year.

Take Back Your Power by Nominating a Trusted Person

Having Phonely with CallGuard and a Trusted Person gives you a triple-layered barrier that stops scammers and fraudsters dead in their tracks. This level of protection is especially important when you consider that Ofcom found that scam victims had a 29% chance of being targeted again.

Feel protected without feeling a burden.

Call recording & anti-fraud intro

All your calls are automatically recorded by Phonely, & before connection, the caller will be warned of this. Any calls you feel weren't quite right can be listened to by you or your Trusted Person at any time.

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Record and listen back to all your calls

Live alerts & call join

Should you find yourself on an uncomfortable call, you can request your Trusted Person to join in. Your Trusted Person can also decide to join a conversation if they receive an alert that your call is from an international or withheld number, or if your call has gone on for an unusually long time.

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Trusted person(s) can join a live call for assistance

Keyword notifications

Using CallGuard, your Trusted Person will receive a notification should one of our pre-set keywords be mentioned on a call you've taken; words such as ‘sale,’ ‘bank,’ or ‘money’ (Phonely CallGuard+ only). You can then both listen back to the call to see if you were being targeted in any way.

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Suspicious keyword notifications sent to trusted person(s)

Make Things Simple

Technology moves fast and keeping up can be overwhelming. Choosing the right device to suit your needs and abilities will go a long way towards making the transition to VoIP with CallGuard protection, a smooth one.

Keep Your Trusty Handset

If you're new to VoIP, then your much loved phone may not be compatible with the technology. If this is the case, to carry on using your handset (and avoid learning how to use a new phone), a simple adapter is all you will need. Just plug your phone into the adapter & the adapter into the router and you're all set.

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VoIP Gateway Fanvil GA11

Need Big Buttons?

It seems that with every device upgrade the buttons are getting smaller! You don't have to put up with that with the quick dial big buttoned phone we found. It looks the part with its colour screen, yet is user-friendly with photo assigned quick dials & a HELP button. You even get a pendant to wear around the house and can use it to alert your Trusted Person should you need help.

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VoIP Phone Fanvil x305

Walk & Talk

When you need a new handset but want to walk and talk, then you should consider our cordless phone. Just plug the base into your router and you're good to go. Add your speed-dial contacts for a one button connection, and take advantage of up to 35 hours of talk time before you need to re-charge!

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VoIP Phone Yealink W73P

For more details and all the technical stuff, click on the ‘Find Out More’ buttons above, or visit our store.

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Dual control if needed

Phonely with CallGuard have so many features that are designed to help you protect yourself from phone crime. But if you don't feel up to managing the account yourself, your Trusted Person(s) can do that for you from your online dashboard or their Trusted Person app.

To make life a little easier, if you have a mobile phone, you can download the Phonely Call App where you can dial out or receive calls from your home phone number. Within the app is a contact book that you can customise with photos, colours and quick-dials. Again, if you don't feel you can tweak this then your Trusted Person can do it without even being in the same room as you!

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