Phonely's mission.

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To give even the most vulnerable the confidence to answer their phone by providing a protective barrier to keep out scammers & fraudsters.

What's CallGuard?

There is a serious nationwide problem

The stats will shock you.

73% of the UK still rely on their landline.

Millions of whom are elderly & vulnerable will be further exposed to phone fraud & scams come the PSTN switch-off in 2025.

The big switch-off

5 million people over 65 years were targeted.

And that was for phone crime via landline in 2019 alone. This left people feeling isolated having lost confidence in their independence.

Importance of a Trusted Person

With isolation comes health risks.

Loneliness can shorten your lifespan by 15 years & cause damage equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Staying Safe & healthy

Phonely Uses VoIP Technology Against Telephone Criminals

With 20 years of telecom industry experience and a top in-house tech team, we developed a product and service that's long been missing from landline home phones.

Phonely, keeping fraud and scams at bay.

Current protections don't work

Blocking known numbers only goes so far & listing yourself on the TPS doesn't deter the real criminals. So with your help, we're building our own auto-block list & giving callers a warning that we're recording their conversation before they're connected.

Built-in anti-fraud introductions

Having human backup

Sometimes we all need assurance & we provide that with the Trusted Person feature within CallGuard. Friends or family can be alerted when suspicious words are used during a call & can join in if needed.

Trusted person(s) can join a live call for assistance

No one should feel isolated

Isolation & loneliness can shorten your lifespan by 15 years, meaning maintaining a safe home phone lifeline is essential. So if your VoIP & Wi-Fi connection is lost, the Trusted Person will be alerted so they can check that all is well.

Offline alerts sent to your trusted person(s)

Phonely is a family-centric company with care at its core

As a sister of Liquid11, phonely was created to offer protection to an issue that's yet to be addressed – telephone crime. As a team, we all have families and loved ones that we want to protect, and we know that if we're concerned for the vulnerable people in our lives, then you must be too.

So with all our expertise, we've come together, for the greater good (yes, we know that sounds cheesy!) and produced a service and product that offers a two-tiered protection. By combining both technological and human elements, Phonely and CallGuard offer protection like no other before it, to let everyone feel safe, confident and independent in their own homes.

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