Phonely Home VoIP: The Easiest Way to Switch Now and Keep Your Existing Number

Moving your landline to a home VoIP phone service will save you money instantly. But if you’re worried that switching sounds complicated, then stop! Because here at Phonely we’re making the process super simple.

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You Can Take the Lead When Switching to Home VoIP

By 2025 your provider may switch you over to a home VoIP plan unsuitable to your budget or needs. Worse yet they may not offer VoIP at all leaving you stranded & stuck for choices. So, shop around for your home VoIP provider while you've got the time, and start reaping the benefits today.

Keep your existing number, or get a new one with Phonely. Compatible with all UK internet providers.

In a cost-of-living crisis, every penny counts

Your typical line rental & call charge bundles, for the soon-to-be-retired copper network, can cost you upwards of £21.99 per month. Here at Phonely our unlimited call plan (no line rental needed) is just £9.97 per month.

Phone bundles are too confusing!

With analogue landlines, providers offer bundles that can have so many inconvenient rules! Like your calls are free during the day when you’re at work or on Sundays when the moon is full! With Phonely’s home VoIP service, anytime you pick up the phone - it's free!

Century old lines have questionable quality

With the landline switch-off, reparations to existing copper wires is unlikely, meaning a lot more,‘huh?’, ‘What was that?’ ‘I can't hear you!’. With home VoIP you get crystal clear audio. It’s as if you’re in the same room as your caller.

Have Peace of Mind with Home Phone Back-up

Phonely's FREE flexible Call app allows customers to use their landline number from their mobile device. This means that should your internet fail, you will still have a connection to the outside world. Plus, you can use the Call app should you need to nip out whilst waiting for one of those anywhere between 9am and 6pm company call-backs!

More About the Call App

Phonely VoIP Calling Android and iOS Apps

Keeping Thing's Simple for You

Switching over to a new home VoIP service can feel daunting, with offers of bundles that promise all sorts of features that you probably don't need or will never use. But here at Phonley we've kept things simple & so straight forward that to switch over to us doesn't require you to do very much at all!

Just One Plan

That's it! Just one plan that gives you:

  • Freedom to chat for as long as you like & as many times as you like with unlimited calls*
  • Reassurance that you won’t miss important calls or information with your voicemail service
  • Quick & instant access to all the numbers of your favourite people using your contact book

Flexibility Today & in the Future

It's your phone, so you choose!

  • Don’t want to update people with a new number? You can keep the one you’ve got, no problem!
  • Want to start a fresh with a new number? You can have one. It won’t cost you a penny extra, either!
  • Fancy blocking scam callers? You can upgrade to Phonely’s CallGuard, an advanced safety system that no other UK home VoIP providers offer.

If you've never thought seriously about scam protection, ask yourself this:

“Would I be able to spot a scammer if I we're on the phone to one?”

What would your answer be? Why not visit our blog to test your knowledge!

Scam Spotting

Why Switch to Phonely?

For more than 20 years we have been providing UK businesses with call management services via our (now sister) company SwitchboardFREE. With all that experience under our belts, we decided it was high time that everyone had the chance to use our VoIP technology within their homes. And so Phonely was born!

If you're curious, here are what customers think about SwitchboardFREE:

Great service from Zoe

‘Very pleased with SwitchboardFREE so far. Handsets arrived promptly and were plug n play. Existing number also ported extremely quickly.’

I have been with these guys 3 years.

‘I have been with these guys 3 years. It has been great, I am closing up business so I cancelled. No issues 30 day notice, very helpful people. 5 stars from me.’

An excellent service that really does deliver.

‘We've been using Switchboard Free or years for four different entities and they are excellent. The service just works and is very flexible, and even our customers love it! The billing is clear, the online support is great (it's the only chat I'm happy to use) and you can speak to someone straightaway in the UK if you prefer to phone. I have no hesitation in recommending the service.’

Transfer your number to Phonely
Phonely won the Most Innovative Small Business award

Still not sure?

Ok, so they are reviews about our sister company, but Phonely is new and we're still a little shy about asking our customers for reviews! It might help to know that our staff over at SwitchboardFREE trained our Phonely team. This means that you can expect the same exceptional service. But if that still doesn't convince you, what if we showed you how hard we've been working to perfect Phonely's home VoIP, with our award?

Phonely's Mission

There's No Hidden Costs

If you're just looking to swap your landline to home VoIP then we've got one simple plan. If you're thinking you'd like some scam protection, so you can answer the phone in confidence, we offer that too.

Home VoIP

Your simple home VoIP plan without the confusing frills! Just fill in your details & we'll set you up.

Only £9.97 per month

An Easy Switch

Home Voip with Anti Fraud Introduction

Home VoIP with CallGuard

Switch to Phonely's home VoIP with CallGuard: a unique scam & fraud protection system upgrade. With 1 in 12 people becoming a victim of telephone crime, our intelligent technology will prevent you from becoming a statistic.

You get everything from the home VoIP plan, plus:

  • Trusted person(s) nomination & app: the perfect human intervention
  • Auto call blocking: Have scam numbers on our database instantly blocked
  • Unlimited call blocking: Block numbers you don't want contacting you
  • Anti-fraud intro: Make criminals think twice with your protection warning
  • Call recording: Your back-up for proof of scams
  • Real-time suspicious call alerts: Let your TP know if you've answered a suspicious number
  • Live call joining: Ask your TP for help with worrying conversations by pressing #9
  • Offline alerts: Your TP will know if your internet power fails, so can check-in

Only £19.70 per month

Understanding CallGuard

Mobile phone with Phonely Features

Home VoIP with CallGuard+

With scammers & fraudsters relieving 10% of Britons of £7.5 billion collectively in 2023, it's clear that no-one is immune. Having Phonely's home VoIP with CallGuard+ is the ultimate upgrade in terms of scam and fraud protection.

You get everything from the home VoIP and CallGuard plan, plus:

  • CallGuard+: Intelligent active call monitoring & security alerts with keyword notifications
    This upgrade provides advanced language analysis to identify criminal intent to ensure maximum protection against fraud. In the event of detection, your trusted person will be notified so they can further investigate. The below features make this happen.
  • Call transcription: Automatically convert conversations to readable & searchable text.
  • Keyword Notifications: Scams aren't always obvious, but CallGuard+ can spot the signs, with active call monitoring.

Only £37 per month

How CallGuard+ Works

For more information on Phonely's plans and to help you decide what is right for you, click the button below.

All The Plans

Home Voip with Anti Fraud Introduction

Your Questions, Answered

It's normal to have questions and apprehensions, so we've covered the most common one's for you, below.

What is VoIP & do I need it?

VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a system where you make calls via your router. At the end of 2025, landlines will be retired in favour of VoIP.

Can I keep my number?

Yes! This process is called porting, & we can do that for you without disruption to your service. We don’t charge for this & all you need to do is sign the form we send you & in we’ll do the rest.

How long does porting take?

Depending on your current supplier it can take 7-14 working days. Your service won’t be disrupted during that time, & we’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Do Phonely provide broadband?

At Phonely we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional standard of home VoIP. When switching to us, you’ll need to have a separate broadband provider. It’s usually more cost effective to have your broadband & phone services separate.

How unlimited are Phonely’s unlimited calls?

Like all home VoIP phone service providers, we do have a fair usage policy. At Phonely, your unlimited calls include 1200 minutes to landline or virtual (VoIP) numbers a month, plus 1200 minutes to mobile numbers.

Will I be tied into a long contract?

Unlike other home VoIP providers in the UK who ask for upwards of 24 months, at Phonely we only ask for a 12-month commitment. After that you switch to a monthly rolling contract where we ask for 30 days’ notice should you wish to leave. on your current supplier it can take 7-14 working days. Your service won’t be disrupted during that time, & we’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Will my home VoIP work in a power cut?

Just like your router, you phone will need a power supply to work. This is a common worry, especially to those who cannot rely on mobile phone back up due to poor signal coverage. Our power cut article explains more on this & what you can do.

Can I use my existing analogue phone?

Yes! There is no need to buy a new phone, however you will need to purchase an adapter to make it compatible with our Phonely VoIP system. You can buy one from our shop should you wish to switch to us.

I have a VoIP phone; will this still work?

An existing VoIP phone will need configuring to Phonely’s systems, which we are unable to offer support with at this time. However, you can grab yourself a new phone in our shop which you can plug in a& use instantly.

Still Have More Questions?

Click the button below to find our FAQ page.

If you still can't find the answers you need, please contact out friendly UK based team on 0800 112 5000 or email them at

FAQ Page

Image demonstrating a call in progress, protected by Phonely's CallGuard.

Think You're Ready to Switch & Save Money?

All it takes is a few minutes to get the ball rolling.

Waiting until you're forced over to home VoIP makes no sense! Especially as you have the chance take control of your phone contract and start saving money right now! You know what to do - just click the button below.

More Money in My Pocket!

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