Features: Contact Book

Have All the Numbers You Need at the Touch of a Button

Customise your phone’s contact book to work with you for quick and easy selection and dialling.

A contact book makes connecting easier

Keep your family closer with Phonely.

Organise your friends & family

Keep in touch with your loved ones by having all their phone numbers in one place. You’ll be able to call them up with just a few taps of a button.

Speed dial offers instant access

With the X305 big buttoned phone you can assign single numbers to 5 contacts you chat with the most, or emergency numbers you may need. Just press that number & the person will be dialled instantly.

Reduce slipped digits

There’s no need to remember all those long phone numbers, or to worry about dialling the wrong number. If it’s in your contact book, it will be right every time!

It’s so simple to create & control your contact book

Have all your contacts in one place with access at any time, and dispense with numbers written on post-its or in an address book you can never seem to find!

Keep calm and connected with Phonely.

Log into your account

Once you are on your account dashboard, you can press on the Contact’s tab located in the top menu bar.

Easily log into your account

Add all your numbers

By pressing the green Add Contact button you can put in the details of all your friends & family, and companies & services that you like to call. They will then be stored on your handset for you to find and select to dial.

Easily accessible contact book

Choose your favourite people

If you have purchased the X305 big-buttoned phone, you can make connecting to your favourite people even easier, by setting up speed dial. You can do this in the Settings menu by choosing Handset & Accessories, then X305.

Speed dial buttons to immediately dial your favourite people

Change, customise & call your contacts from anywhere

Phonely believes in making things safe, simple & serviceable. So in addition to your digital voice phone contact book, we are creating the Call App which also has a contact book. It can be changed and customised with little effort and minimal expertise, and from anywhere.

What will be especially useful with the Phonely Call App is that changes to the contents, layout and permissions of the Contact Book will be done using the Call App itself, the Trusted Person App or the account dashboard online.

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