Transfer Your Number

Be Confidently Connected & Keep Your Number!

If you love your number and don't want the hassle of telling people you've changed it - then keep it!

The process is super simple and your new friends at Phonely will take care of the complicated stuff for you.

Keeping Your Number

Below we guide you through the process known as porting. Porting is when you move your number from one telephone provider to another. This is how you get to keep your telephone number.

You've set up a Phonely account and have chosen to keep your number.
You open your Phonely welcome email.

Attached to your email will be your porting form. If you print this off you will notice some details are filled in for you. You will need to check these are correct and fill in the blanks, for instance, your current provider's details.

Once you have signed it you will need to either send us a digital scanned or photographed copy or send it back via post.

If you are unable to print your porting form, you can request a copy to be sent in the mail. You can do this by either replying to your welcome email or giving us a call.

We receive your porting form.

Once we have your porting form, we will have permission to approach your provider and request they move your number over to us.

If everything on the form is correct, this should take between 7 and 14 working days.

Whilst this is going through, there will be no interruption to your service and we will keep you updated on the progress.

If you ordered a new phone handset or adapter.

As soon as we receive your payment for a phone or adapter we will dispatch it to the address on your account. You will be able to track it with the information we email you.

You will likely receive your phone or adapter before your number has been ported, but we still encourage you to set it up to make sure it works how you need it to. Once your phone or adapter is connected, your Phonely account will become live and you will be able to make calls straight away.

At this point, we recommend that you keep your old phone connected so you can still receive calls.

Phonely has your number.

Once porting is complete, we will have your number and you will be able to make and receive calls and take full advantage of all of Phonely and CallGuard's protections (on the CallGuard plan).

Remember Your Broadband!

Although you have no obligation to call your current provider to let them know you want to move your number away from them, we recommend that you do. This is because Phonely is not a broadband provider. If you have your broadband and phone with the same provider, you will need to let them know that it is only your phone number you wish to move and that you would like to maintain your broadband connection.

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