Feature: Keyword Notifications & Alerts

Use Keyword & Suspicious Activity Alerts as Your Final Defence

Scams aren't always obvious to the human ear, but CallGuard can spot the signs. And when it does, we'll let your Trusted Person know.

Knowledge of phone crime gives
you the power

The most common phone crimes.

Broadband poverty

Scammers are cashing in on those who find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford vital broadband services. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Energy saving

When times are hard, saving every penny is crucial, especially when it comes to energy. New windows, new doors, insulation, or 'new' electricity or gas suppliers will be peddled to those looking for 'solutions.'

Insurance guarantees

The world can be a worrisome place & these scammers play on your fears that the worst could go wrong. After all, if it did, it could be costly…unless you take out insurance that is.

Scammers Will Lose Out With Keyword & Suspicious Activity Detection

Extensive research and experience tell us what to expect scammers and fraudsters to say and do. And if they think they have an advantage with newer technologies then they've never come across Phonely with CallGuard!

CallGuard, using new technology against the criminals.

Suspicious call alert

If you happen to answer a call from a withheld or international number, your Trusted Person will get a live notification that this could be a scam. Additionally, should you be on the phone with an unknown number for an unusually long time (dictated by you), your Trusted Person will also be alerted in case you are experiencing difficulties.

Real-time suspicious call alerts sent to trusted person(s)

Live call join

Also explained as stepping into a call, once alerted to suspicious activity, your Trusted Person has the choice to join your call instantly to offer assistance. The caller will be notified that someone has joined & may see that as their cue to hang up.

Trusted person(s) can join a live call for assistance

Keyword trigger notification

With an increasing bank full of hundreds of scam keywords, should one be mentioned within your call, your Trusted Person will be notified. Once you've hung up, if a word such as ‘bank,’ ‘pay,’ or ‘deposit’ has been detected, your Trusted Person will be alerted so they can listen back to that call and investigate.

Suspicious keyword notifications sent to trusted person(s)

Phonely know what scammers will say

At Phonely, we have a database which is growing by the day. It's full of words that we know scammers and fraudsters will use in order to make you part with your cash. Whilst deep in conversation, you may not notice them but our clever technology will.

When you hang up the receiver, should any one of the hundreds of words have been uttered, your Trusted Person will be alerted. They can then listen to that call to see what exactly has been said and take action if necessary.

Should you answer a withheld or international number, your Trusted Person will also be alerted. In addition, you can pre-set your average call length, so that if your call goes beyond that, your Trusted Person will be notified that you may be having difficulties on a call.

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