Features: Call Recording & Transcription

Have Audio Back-Up with Phonely's Auto Call Recording

For those times when you're not quite sure what happened during a call, you can listen or read back the full conversation for assurance.

Use call recording as your evidence

According to the Office for National Statistics, fraud is on the rise.

Pay something & receive nothing

Between March 2019 & March 2020 the UK saw a large increase in ‘advance fee’ & ‘consumer & retail’ fraud. People paid & received nothing in return.

Phone fraud goes up
by 25%

In the year ending March 2022, there were 4.5 million phone fraud offences in the UK. That’s 12,328 victims of fraud per day.

Fraud means bank-breaking losses

Between 2021 & 2022, 77% of people lost under £250, 14% lost under £999 & 9% lost more than £1k. Any loss can cause financial devastation.

CallGuard's Anti-Fraud Introduction

Make those who have slipped through the cracks think twice before they commit to connecting their call to you.

Make con artists reconsider with CallGuard.

Built-in anti-fraud introductions

Anti-fraud intro

Before your phone even rings, your caller will hear,
"The person you are calling is protected by Phonely's CallGuard. Your call will be recorded.".

This should encourage scammers to hang up instantly.

Phonely's call recording

Have every call recorded for peace of mind, so should you believe you've been a target of fraud or a scam, you or your Trusted Person can listen back to the conversation. Recordings can be accessed & downloaded via your account dashboard or the Trusted Person App. We keep live account recordings for 12 months, just in case.

Record and listen back to all your calls
Automatic call transcription

Phonely's call transcription

All your calls will be automatically transcribed as well as recorded. Again, we keep these for 12 months on live accounts. Transcripts can be read or downloaded* from your account dashboard or the Trusted Person App.

Dual features are a force to be reckoned with

If you have had an uncomfortable experience on the phone, thought something wasn't quite right, or felt pressured into giving out sensitive information, then call recording and transcription will have your back.

Both are perfect for you or a Trusted Person to check instantly (or at a later date) to see if a conversation was suspicious in nature. Having your audio transcribed makes life easier as you can highlight sections and quickly refer to them as you continue to investigate.

If your gut feeling is right and you discover you've been a target or even a victim of a telephone crime, you will be able to contact the police with your proof and block their number for good.

Phonely's Call Plans

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