Easily Upgrade to Digital Voice & Keep Your Existing Landline Number

Prepare for the BT switch-off by upgrading to Phonely's award-winning digital voice service. Benefit from built-in scam protection and dedicated UK-based support.

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Logos of websites recommending or featuring Phonely Home VoIP

Want to Keep Your Landline Number? You Can!

When switching to digital voice with Phonely, there’s no hassle of telling everyone you have a new landline number as you can bring your current one with you. Our team will take care of everything, and your home phone service won’t be interrupted. You can also keep your existing analogue telephone with one of our clever digital voice adapters.

Keep My Landline Number

Transfer your number to Phonely

Have Peace of Mind with Home Phone Back-up

Phonely's FREE flexible Call app allows customers to use their landline number from their mobile device. This means that should your internet fail, you will still have a connection to the outside world. Plus, you can use the Call app should you need to nip out whilst waiting for one of those anywhere between 9am and 6pm company call-backs!

More About the Call App

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Phonely won the Most Innovative Small Business award

Your Award-Winning VoIP & Scam Protection Service!

As an employee-owned company, the team here at Phonely are proud to have received the prestigious "Most Innovative Small Business" award. This recognition is a testament to our ground-breaking contribution to the telecommunications industry, offering state-of-the-art residential VoIP services and robust protection against scam calls.

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What is Digital Voice?

In a nutshell, digital voice, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a phone system that uses the Internet for communication. Instead of plugging your handset into your wall telephone socket, you plug it into your router (if it's compatible).

VoIP Explained

Why Switch to Digital Voice Now?

Moving over to a digital landline now will give you a whole host of benefits!

  • The instant savings are perfect for fixed budgets
    Digital voice is cheaper for suppliers to maintain, so will cost you less per month.
  • Reliability & clarity
    Because digital voice relies on your broadband connection you will no longer experience dropped calls & static interference. You'll have crystal-clear calls every time.
  • New flexible features
    With digital voice, there is the opportunity to have intelligent call blocking, voicemail & scam protection. You could even have a mobile app that allows you to answer & make calls from your home number on your mobile. Never miss a call again.

I'm Ready to Switch

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Transfer your landline number to Phonely

Switching Made Easy for Everyone

Changing to a digital landline is easier than it sounds, especially with Phonely. We have written guides, videos and a dedicated team on hand to walk you through it from start to finish if that's what you need.

Before you sign up with Phonely, there are a few things you may need to consider or ask yourself.

  • Should I keep my existing number?
    With Phonely you can bring your number with you, or we can supply you with a new one. Whichever you choose, it won't cost you extra.
  • Can I keep my existing handset?
    If you have an analogue phone that you'd like to keep using, you can purchase a VoIP adapter. You also have the option to buy a new digital voice handset if you fancy an upgrade. Or if you already have one & are technically minded you could calibrate it for Phonely's system. Our FAQ section can provide you with more information on this.
  • Do I need a broadband provider?
    Phonely does not provide a broadband service. So, when switching you'll need to ensure you maintain a broadband connection. We've found that customers get a better price deal if they keep their broadband & phone separate as bundles often include features you don't need at a higher cost. You can see for yourself with our digital voice price comparison.

Phonely's adapters and handsets make it simple in that you can just plug in and start making calls with your digital voice landline. No complicated instructions, no new things to learn and most importantly, no expensive monthly bills.

Choose My Perfect Plan

NEW Auto Call Blocking & Scam Protection

It’s easy to block numbers you know about, but what about the ones you don’t? Phonely has got that covered!

At Phonely, we've always felt that call-blocking lacked intuitiveness. Blocking the numbers you know is all very well, but what about the ones you don’t? How do you protect yourself from those? Especially when new ones pop up every day.

With other providers, you have no such protections; but with Phonely you do.

Phonely’s CallGuard plan includes auto-call blocking as well as unlimited call blocking and instant call blocking. Auto call blocking blocks any suspicious or spam number held on our global database. Our database updates daily and includes commonly blocked numbers from Phonely customers too. So, with Phonely’s auto-call blocking, you don’t have to know about a scam number to be protected from it.

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Customisable call blocking settings
Built-in anti-fraud introductions

Protection for The Most Vulnerable

We all know someone who could be more vulnerable to telephone scams and fraud, and in fact, Phonely was created with those people in mind. The team have worked together to provide a never-seen-before protective barrier that allows friends and loved ones to keep their independence and feel safe and confident when answering the phone. We’ve named it CallGuard, and you can read all about it via the button below.

Discover CallGuard

Keep Your Confidence With Phonely

Don't let scammers & fraudsters take away your confidence and independence.

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