Features: Call Blocking

Call Blocking Technology That Stops Scams at Their Source

Call blocking with CallGuard gives you control over known scammers and fraudsters so they never get the opportunity to get through to you in the first place.

Improve your wellbeing with
CallGuard's call blocker

Figures from research conducted by Bournemouth University, 2020.

You don’t even need to speak

Just knowing you’ve received a call from a scammer, without talking to them, can have a negative impact on your wellbeing & confidence.

Three months to happier living

Within 90 days of using a call blocker 73% of those surveyed felt more confident & 72% felt safer when answering the phone.

Block calls for increased wellbeing

Of those assessed, 96% reported that using a call blocker had a significantly positive impact on their general wellbeing.

Let CallGuard Block Calls
for You

Further reduce the risk of receiving calls from scammers and fraudsters by having known suspicious numbers blocked on your behalf.

Trust CallGuard to get to the scammers first.

Customisable call blocking settings

Auto call blocking

With Phonely's CallGuard phone plan we will automatically block the known suspicious numbers on our database for you. This database is constantly updated with some help from our very own customers.

Unlimited number blocking

Whichever CallGuard phone plan you choose you can block as many numbers as you wish. You can do this via your Call App or account dashboard online. We also recommend you report suspicious numbers to Action Fraud.

Instantly see what numbers have been blocked from calling you
Automatic call transcription

Block calls at any time

With the Call App, you can block calls instantly. On your online dashboard, you can block numbers who have called you as well as manually adding ones you may have experienced in the past.

Blocking numbers helps others

The more numbers you block, the more that you protect others from falling victim to scams or fraud via the telephone. This is because Phonely's systems will detect any number that is commonly blocked by our customers and add it to our auto-block database.

Any number that enters our auto-block database will be prevented from calling any customer with Phonely's CallGuard phone plan which will in turn further reduce the risk of anyone becoming prey to phone criminals.

Phonely's Call Plans

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