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Have Human Backup When You Need It Most, With a Trusted Person

Technology can only do so much. By adding someone that you trust to your account you will double down on your protection, without losing your independence.

CallGuard has been designed to prevent millions of pounds worth of phone theft each year.

Research by GASA and cifas.

£7.5 billion stolen in 2023

Scammers & fraudsters were responsible for relieving 10% of Britons of £7.5 billion collectively in the course of 1 year.

56% of people targeted via phone

More than half the survey participants reported having been scammed on the phone. Adding in email scams, individuals fall victim to 1.6 scams a year.

Beyond financial loss

46% of victims reported that they had a 'strong to traumatic' emotional response to their experience of being scammed which deeply affected all areas of their lives.

Build More Barriers with Your Nominated Trusted Person(s)

You can decide how much protection you need from your trusted person(s) in order to feel safe as well as maintain your confidence and independence.

A trusted person can offer help when you need it most.

Customisable call blocking settings

Suspicious call alerts

Your trusted person(s) can be alerted if you pick up a call from a withheld or international number, as either of these could signal a scam. You can also set a maximum call duration & have your trusted person(s) alerted should you exceed it, just in case you are stuck on a call you are struggling to end.

More about Suspicious Call Alerts

Join in live calls

You can invite your trusted person to join your conversation by pressing #9. You might want to do this if you feel you are being scammed & need assistance in ending the call. It's also useful if you need help managing a utility account or insurance policy (for example).

More about Joining Live Calls

Trusted person(s) can join a live call for assistance
Suspicious keyword notifications sent to trusted person(s)

Keyword notifications

With CallGuard+ your trusted person(s) can receive notifications should your conversation contain common words used by criminals. This will give you or them the signal that the transcription of the call should be investigated.

More about CallGuard+

There's more help if you need it.

At Phonely, we feel that technology should not be a barrier especially when it comes to protection. This is why we've made your account extremely user-friendly. It is here that you can change any settings, especially when it comes down to your trusted persons. We also appreciate that not everyone feels comfortable with using new technologies, so have made it easy for you to pass management of your account to your trusted person(s).

To help you with your account all your trusted person(s) need to do is download the Phonely Trusted person app to their mobile. Here they can make any changes to settings and even update your contact book including pictures and colours (if your home phone allows). All of this and they don't even have to be in the room with you!

How to Choose a Trusted PersonPhonely's Call Plans

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