Features: Anti-Fraud Introduction

The Think Twice Anti-Fraud Introduction

Telling your callers that you are protected and calls are recorded will make criminals think twice about continuing their call to you.

Save your time and bank balance from scammers with an anti-fraud intro

Some figures supplied by Citizen Advice.

You're wasting your time

If you're someone who is plagued daily by scam callers then throughout your adult life you could waste 730 hours or more on needlessly answering the phone.

Over 55's are popular targets

Citizens Advice found 54% were duped with fake deliveries or parcels & 41% believed the call was from a government body.

Life changing losses

An older adult reportedly sent £240k to an account be believed was his own & a lady lost £2k to a fake crypto currency company.

Let CallGuard Stop Scammers in Their Tracks

Your anti-fraud introduction is designed to warn criminals that they are being recorded and monitored.

Trust CallGuard to scare the scammers.

Built-in anti-fraud introductions

Anti-fraud intro

Your callers will hear,‘Hello, Phonely's CallGuard protects the person you are calling so your call will be recorded & monitored for their safety. If you're happy to continue your call, please stay on the line. Alternatively, if you wish to terminate this call please hang up now.’

Monitored using keyword notifications

Should criminals ignore your warning, your Trusted Person will be notified afterwards should any words from our database be spoken. Words such as 'bank', 'deposit' & 'money' are picked up by our intelligent system.

Suspicious keyword notifications sent to trusted person(s)
Record and listen back to all your calls

Recorded calls for back-up

All your calls are automatically recorded so you or your Trusted Person can check them at any time. This will give you peace of mind. You can listen to see if you've been scammed & use it as proof.

CallGuard: Your scam shield

The anti-fraud introduction is the ultimate barrier in stopping a potential scam call from reaching you. Any conversation with someone with criminal intentions puts you at risk of becoming a victim, and the anti-fraud intro is designed to prevent your phone from even ringing, meaning you never have those conversations.

Should a scammer ignore CallGuard's warning, you can trust that the keyword alerts and call recording will be both your savour and hard evidence.

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