The 5 Big Benefits of Home VoIP

Vikki BournerWritten by Vikki Bourner, on 02 Feb, 2024

There are plenty of blogs out there that offer up the pros and cons of both landlines and VoIP, but this isn’t one of them! That’s because very soon there won’t be a choice between traditional landline (PSTN) and digital home VoIP. We’ve covered that revelation in our guide to VoIP, but right here you will learn at least 5 of the big benefits you will get with the adoption of the new home VoIP technology.

Let’s dive straight in!

1: See smaller bills

Typically, Home VoIP (or digital voice) costs less to supply than traditional landlines, so your provider should be passing any savings they make on to you. Because costs are lower, companies are becoming more competitive meaning you should be able to grab yourself a good deal. The only question that remains is what you’ll spend your extra money on!

Watch your phone bill shrink.

2: Unlimited calls

Because VoIP is cheaper to run than traditional landlines most service providers will offer an unlimited call package. Here at Phonely, unlimited UK landline & UK mobile calls come as standard, and we even pass on to you the savings we get with VoIP international calls!

3: Take your calls out & about

Some home phone service providers, like us here at Phonely, offer a Call app to go alongside your account. This creates what is known in the telecoms industry as a softphone. In layman’s terms, this means you can answer a call being made to your home VoIP telephone number on any mobile device from absolutely anywhere when you have a Wi-Fi or data connection.

No more waiting in for calls. Chat from your home number wherever you are.

4: Have your home number on your mobile!

If you’ve read number 3, then you now know about softphones and call apps. What’s great about having a call app on your mobile phone is that you can make and receive calls from both your home phone number and your existing mobile number. To make a call from your home number you open your call app and dial or select your contact from there. When you receive a call, you will easily be able to tell if that person has called your home number or your mobile number. This means you’ll know whether you need to put on your posh telephone voice when you answer! A call app gives you the ability to make and take calls when you’re on the move at any time and as a bonus, you’ll never have to wait in all day for that call you’re expecting between 8 am and 6 pm, again!

5: Endless possibilities

Just like the internet, new home VoIP offers a great deal in the way of features that you would never get from a traditional landline. Features can include video calling, standard call recording (and storage) and integration with other communication tools. More specifically, home VoIP technology has allowed Phonely to develop CallGuard which acts as an additional defence against fraud and scams. And, with trusted person nominations, CallGuard is currently the only service that allows friends and family to be alerted and intervene should a potential threat be detected.

So there you have it, 5 big benefits of home VoIP, the service you never thought you needed. And now they are going to be yours!

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