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Have Peace of Mind with Phonely's Offline Alerts

When your power goes out, your Trusted Person will be alerted so you needn't feel isolated or alone.

Your landline replacement needs electricity to work

So what is the industry doing about power outages?

The UK Government…

require phone providers to take any measure to ensure uninterrupted access to emergency services during a power cut.

Ofcom commands…

phone providers offer at least one solution that enables access to emergency services during a power cut for a minimum of 1 hour.

Age UK tell us...

that providers are offering back-up solutions free of charge for those who are vulnerable & rely on their landlines for communication.

Your Trusted Person Will Make Contact

With Phonely, there's no need to feel anxious at the thought of an electricity failure or your broadband dropping out.

Phonely will help you keep your power when the power goes out.

Offline alerts

Notifications are sent to your Trusted Person(s) should your phone go offline in the event of a power or broadband failure. They can then contact you via alternative means to make sure all is well.

Offline alerts sent to your trusted person(s)

Join the Priority Services Register

Being on the Priority Services Register will ensure you get extra or preferable help in an emergency, such as a power cut. You need to apply online, and your Trusted Person can do this for you if needed.

Battery back-up

Should your router's power be interrupted, you can use an uninterrupted power supply as a back-up. Your broadband provider may provide this for free if you are classed as vulnerable.

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

The process of offline alerts

Unless you have a mobile phone with great signal, in the event of power loss to your router, you will not be able to make any calls. Should this happen, at Phonely, we'll make triply sure that your Trusted Person(s) know that you have no means of communication. As soon as the electricity supply to your router is interrupted, your Trusted Person(s) will receive an email, SMS and notification via their app.

Once they have received notification, they can check the account online periodically to see when your power has returned. To find out the source of the issue and if there is a time frame on re-establishing a connection they can call the number 105. If it's a router's fault, they could call your service provider.

In the meantime, your Trusted Person could pay you a visit, or ask a friendly neighbour to drop in to make sure that you are ok.

Being Power-Cut Ready

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